14 November 08:30Radisson Blu Scandinavia

Our Story

We started Shifter because we saw the need to highlight Norwegian startups, and
the shift traditional, established companies need to make to be able
to survive in the digital age.

Last year we launched The Shift because we want the entrepreneurs, innovators and investors we write about to meet each other to share their stories, their knowledge and maybe a drink.

The Shift 2017 covered topics like startup growth marketing, sales, funding, recruiting and keeping talent dive into exciting technologies.

The Shift is our yearly event designed for tech entrepreneurs and innovators.

We will cover topics like startup growth marketingsalesfundingrecruiting and keeping talent, while  diving into exciting new technologies.

You will get inspiredchallenged, some laughs and specific advice you can apply towards scaling up your own startup or product.

Best of all: You get to network with both high and low profile tech entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.

If you're somewhere else the 14th of November, you're at the wrong place.


Sean Ellis
CEO and founder of GrowthHackers.com

Keynote Speaker

Sean is the CEO and founder of GrowthHackers.com.

He coined the term "growth hacking" in 2010, after using it to ignite growth for Dropbox, Eventbrite, LogMeIn and Lookout - each now worth billions of dollars. 

Sean also founded and sold customer insights company Qualaroo, growing it to millions of dollars in recurring revenue with customers such as Uber, Starbucks and Amazon.

He is the co- author of Hacking Growth, published by Crown Business (division of Penguin Random House) in April 2017 and he regularly speaks to startups and Fortune 100s and has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Fast Company, Inc.com, TechCrunch and on MSNBC.

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Yara Paoli
Former VP of Growth at Skyscanner

Growth leader of 150+ people global teams across APAC, EMEA and AMERICAs.

Her international experience of 15+ years covers the main aspects of building a successful growth organisation: growth enablement, change management, team optimisation and upskilling, scalability and sustainability, motivational framework implementation, impactful leadership, channel and product market fit assessment. She contributes to effective budget management and lead on the definition of a successful growth strategy so to reach target ROI, acquiring and keeping customers in target markets and adjusting a global approach to regional needs defining product market fit and a hierarchy of needs for the business in that region or market. 

She have a 1st honour degree in Psychology. This helps her greatly in listening, understanding and working with people more effectively and shaping her leadership style approach to build an effective getting-stuff-done and friendly environment in the teams she has worked with.

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Hugo Pereira
VP Global Marketing & Growth at EVBox

Currently heading marketing & growth at EVBox, the global leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, Hugo is crazy about scaling up organizations and passionate about technology centered around the interests, needs, and well-being of mankind.

Hugo can't live without sketches and dashboards. The two tabs and 1 file he opens daily are the Sales dashboard, the Marketing dashboard, and his department yearly plan. That is why it does not come as a surprise that he created a work folder with all these analytics apps on his smartphone.

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Bo Ren
Product Consultant, Investor at The Product Fund, Mentor, Founder

Bo is an investor, product manager, and writer in NYC. 

She believes in humanizing tech and building a more diverse and inclusive future. She previously worked for Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. 

She acts as a product consultant, advisor, and investor to NY startups. 

She is passionate about creating a more inclusive future for entrepreneurs and operators in the industry. You can find her on Twitter at @bosefina and Medium.

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Growth Hacking Workshop 

By Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis is the biggest influencer within the growth hacking community and he will deliver an in-depth, one day workshop on how to scale up your startup or product through growth hacking.

What will you learn?
-Building and managing a growth team
-Implementing growth hacking processes within your team
-Strategies and tactics

Who should join the workshop?
-Entrepreneurs and founders working towards scaling up
-Anyone working in innovation and growth

When?  13th of November 2018

In order to deliver the best workshop possible, we have only 50 tickets available, so make sure to get them now here.

What did people say about The Shift 2017?

"The Shift managed to draw a lot of relevant and interesting people, many who rarely prioritize attending conferences - and if they do, rarely stay beyond their speaker slot. At Shift, they did. A testament to respect enjoyed in the community by the Shifter team."

"That was seriously cool and a big and fresh surprise."

"It was a great event for networking. The kind of people attending made it even more important for Founders of startups to attend and create relationships with others companies and potential investors."

"A new concept is born!"

"By being here you are part of forming Norway's future. We need to be smart, green and innovative, and you are an important part of this shift!”