14 November 08:30Radisson Blu Scandinavia

Our Story

We started Shifter because we saw the need to highlight Norwegian startups, and
the shift traditional, established companies need to make to be able
to survive in the digital age.

Last year we launched The Shift because we want the entrepreneurs, innovators and investors we write about to meet each other to share their stories, their knowledge and maybe a drink.

The Shift 2017 covered topics like startup growth marketing, sales, funding, recruiting and keeping talent dive into exciting technologies.

The Shift is our yearly event designed for tech entrepreneurs and innovators.

We will cover topics like startup growth marketingsalesfundingrecruiting and keeping talent, while  diving into exciting new technologies.

You will get inspiredchallenged, some laughs and specific advice you can apply towards scaling up your own startup or product.

Best of all: You get to network with both high and low profile tech entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.

If you're somewhere else the 14th of November, you're at the wrong place.

What did people say about The Shift 2017?

"The Shift managed to draw a lot of relevant and interesting people, many who rarely prioritize attending conferences - and if they do, rarely stay beyond their speaker slot. At Shift, they did. A testament to respect enjoyed in the community by the Shifter team."

"That was seriously cool and a big and fresh surprise."

"It was a great event for networking. The kind of people attending made it even more important for Founders of startups to attend and create relationships with others companies and potential investors."

"A new concept is born!"

"By being here you are part of forming Norway's future. We need to be smart, green and innovative, and you are an important part of this shift!”